Belarus Gasshuku 2020

Postponed until Autumn 2020

Welcome to the JKA Training Camp in Minsk, Belarus. The Gasshuku will be held on May 15-17 th, 2020 by Kunio Kobayashi sensei of JKA Honbu Dojo. Dan and Qualifications exams will be also held.
Schedule. Please note that the schedule may be slightly changed. You are also welcome to request the kata you'd like to be covered. Please check them in the registration form.


The first JKA/WF Belarus Gasshuku was held in Minsk on April 4-7, 2019. The Seminary has gathered more than 140 followers of karate from seven countries. The representatives of Shotokan karate from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Japan took part in 12 trainings, which were held in Minsk by Kunio Kobayashi, an instructor of the Japan Karate Association Headquaters.

Kunio Kobayashi (7th dan) has not only passed on his knowledge in kata and kumite, but also has inspired the audience with his outstanding technique and passion for martial arts. 37 applicants have successfully passed exams for 1-4 dan. Six senior instructors from Belarus and Russia have successfully passed qualifications examinations.
The participants of the seminary have spent four wonderful days, filled with the study of karate, motivation, communication with colleagues and friends. These were truly days to remember.


All course for seniors (4 to 7 classes, all brown and green classes included): 80 EUR.
All course for kids (yellow or blue class plus two green classes): 40 EUR.
One separate: 20 EUR.

Please pay in advance. Please contact us for details.

1 dan – 140 EUR
2 dan – 170 EUR,
3 dan – 200 EUR,
4 dan – 270 EUR.

Dan-transfer (per each dan) – 50 EUR.
Instructor D – 110 EUR, Examiner D – 160 EUR, Judge D – 110 EUR.
Instructor С – 160 EUR, Examiner С – 260 EUR, Judge С – 160 EUR.

Only JKA members can take exams. All applicants must be authorized by an official JKA representative in their respective country.

Contact: +375295588825 (Dmitry Osika), email:
Please fill in the form below in advance