Summer Technical course JKA/WF Belarus 2017 Report

The Club "Sanga" hosted the Summer Technical Course JKA/WF Belarus 2017 (August 26th-27th)

Within two days, more than 30 participants attended the seminar. The course consisted of two classes of kihon, one kumite class, three kata classes (Jion, Jitte, Jiin) and a small theoretical lesson. The main accents in the JKA technique were placed. The participants of the seminar represented different directions of Shotokan karate. Searching for the necessary methods has made the course program more diverse and exciting. We are sincerely grateful to the participants of the JKA / WF Belarus summer technical course, especially the leaders of other schools - Sergei Tislenko and Alexander Mudretsov. We were delighted with the presence of new faces. JKA / WF Belarus invites representatives of all schools and styles of karate to our future events. Our goal is to communicate through the joint practice of karate.