Autumn Technical course JKA/WF Belarus: photo & video

On October 30, 2016, the second technical course took place in Minsk, organized by the Belarusian Karate Association (JKA/WF Belarus).
The event was attended by 20 people. The course consisted of three classes:

- Lesson 1. Etiquette of karate and the principles of Budo. Use of breathing and control of the center of gravity in karate. Choku tsuki. Four ways to use the hips.

- Lesson 2. Standardization of the kata Heian Sandan, Heian Godan. The main errors in the execution of the kata were thoroughly disassembled.

- Session 3. Preparation for the JKA exam for the instructor / examiner category: theory and practice. Criteria for assessing the examiners for 10-8 kyu.

We thank all who attended the course, and express special thanks to the guests.