Welcome to the JKA/WF BELARUS

There are many JKA members through all over the world who experience some difficulties within existing karate organizations. Some of them found their way in splitting and joining different shotokan groups. We are a group of JKA black belts in Belarus who are worried about this fact. Instead of creating a new split we have found our own way within the JKA. We asked the assistance of Masao Kawasoe Sensei (JKA/WF) and applied for individual and group membership  in JKA/WF. In June 2015 in Tokyo we had a brief meeting with Toshihiro Mori Shihan (JKA HQ Executive director) who promised his full-backing and to whom we express here all our gratitude.

Members of our group wish to become or remain member of the Japan Karate Association, the largest and most prestigious karate-do organization in the world. At the moment we expect favorable consideration of our request at the Headquarters of JKA and are ready to make every effort to develop our group under their guidance.

JKA/WF Belarus is a group of instructors and students 100% loyal to the JKA, who want to study freely in the proper JKA tradition and maintain their roots based in Japan. 
The rules and regulations of the JKA World Federation are scrupulously respected and therefore we recognize Mr. Andrey Vilkin the sole representative of the JKA in Belarus. We express our sincere appreciation for the fact that Mr. Vilkin, as the representative of JKA in Belarus, has created the necessary conditions for the development and formation of our group. It will be honor to us to resume the communication and cooperation in a new way, with the development of JKA-Karate in our country as overall objective.

We belong to Kawasoe Masao Sensei's Group.
Our phone: +375-2929-4-0000.
JKA/WF Belarus Kawasoe Group Director: +375-29-55-88825 (Dmitry Osika).

JKA Headquaters in Tokyo