First JKA/WF Belarus (Kawasoe group) Championship

The first JKA/WF Belarus (Kawasoe group) Championship was held in Minsk on September 20. 

This was included in the Minsk Karate Federation calendar of events. That is why we had to apply both JKA and WKF rules. We consider this a great advantage as our event was officially recognized. JKA rules in Kihon Ippon and Ippon Shobu Kumite were applied. Kata was open to all styles,  and WKF kumite was also held. There were more than 200 participants from all over Belarus and two teams from Russia. The majority of them represented Shotokan. As a result of our event, Minsk Karate Federation decided to include Kihon Ippon Kumite (JKA Rules) in all its official tournaments for children. We consider this an excellent achievement for promoting JKA in our country. The tournament was held in the most contemporary venue and was a success. 


Here is some video from the Championship: